Company Profile

Our Mission

To give a second life to all idle goods.

Our Vision

To enable pre-owned consumer electronics transactions and services globally by leveraging technology.

Who We Are

We are the largest pre-owned consumer electronics transactions and services platform in China in terms of GMV for electronics and the number of devices transacted by merchants and consumers, with a market share of 6.6% and 8.7% in terms of GMV for electronics and number of devices transacted, respectively, in 2020, according to the CIC Report. We have created the infrastructure for pre-owned consumer electronics transactions and services by digitalizing and standardizing the industry, with a strong focus on mobile phones. According to the CIC Report, we created the first inspection, grading and pricing processes that helped standardize the pre-owned consumer electronics industry. While core to our success is our ability to effectively source supply, our offerings today span the entire value chain for pre-owned consumer electronics. We were founded in 2011 as a consumer-oriented single service provider focused on efficiently sourcing electronic devices through AiHuiShou Recycle, or AHS Recycle, China’s leading online and offline offering for recycle and trade-in services primarily for reuse. We have since evolved to an integrated transactions and services platform through the addition of Paijitang Marketplace, or PJT Marketplace, China’s leading B2B marketplace for trading electronic products and services, in late 2017. We further extended our capabilities to mass retail consumers through Paipai Marketplace, a retail marketplace for pre-owned products of certified quality which we acquired from JD Group in 2019. Starting from 2019, we have been increasing our international presence as well. With these offerings, we have reinvented how consumers, small merchants, consumer electronics brands, e-commerce platforms and retailers sell and purchase pre-owned consumer electronics. Over time, we hope to empower more participants, both in China and the rest of the world, to partake in the pre-owned electronics circulation ecosystem.